Kung dalawa lamang talaga ang "tuta" na naninirahan sa bawat isa sa atin, bakit minsan isang tuta lang ang naririnig nating kumakahol at umaakit sa ating makipaglaro?

    Dahil malnoris na ang isa at hindi na makayang makipaglaro, kumahol, at dilaan ang iyong tenga. Hindi napakain ng ilang taon. Hindi napaliguan ng Bay-O-Pet. Nababalutan ng mga garapatang sinlaki ng ubas ang buong katawan. Mabaho at mukhang kalansay. Malimit ang kawawang asong ito ay si....janjaranjanjan.... Whitie. Gayunpaman hindi namamatay si Whitie kahit maya't maya ay nginangatngat ni Blackie ang kanyang mga buto't laman. Kahit hinang-hina, pilit pa rin itong kumakahol upang maagaw ang iyong pansin. Ang sabi nito, "ErWin...Erwin...", o di kaya naman ay "________..._________" (imagine your name in the blanks).

    The divine nature in man is resilient. Amidst the various noises within us persists the sharp, distinct voice of One that sees clearly through the mist of deception. And this voice beckons us to act radically against all the other voices. Forgive. Forgive but let him suffer. Forgive but don't forget. Forgive tomorrow. Forgive not. Which voice should we listen to? It's the one that say's, "Forgive.". Some call this voice Conscience. A man of Nazareth called it The Kingdom of Heaven Within You. It's called Whitie in this paper.

IMG 3367

    It is not always easy to discern which voice to listen to. The voice of error can imitate Truth so well that one can easily get lost in the labyrinth of deception it creates. But we are not without help. Realizing the ultimate duality of our choices, much suffering may be avoided if we decide to stay on one side of the fence. Thus thundered the man from Nazareth, "Let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation".

Eh ano naman ang kinalaman nito sa buhay mo?

    Sa buhay estudyante, si Whitie ang kumakatawan sa sipag, tiyaga, sinop, at talino. Si Blackie naman ay kumakatawan sa kamangmangan, katamaran, at pagwawalang-bahala. Sabi ni Whitie, "Mag-aral ka. Now na!" Sabi naman ni Blackie, "Sa Linggo ka na lang mag-aral! Manood ka muna ng palaro. Tumunganga ka muna sa ilalim ng fertility tree. Makipaglandian ka muna sa crush mo. Huwag ka na mag-aral, henyo ka na!".

Si Whitie, gusto kang pumasa. Si Blackie, gusto umabot ka ng take 5 sa onse at take 3 sa dose!

So, sinong pakikinggan mo?

    Ngayon, nakikinig ako kay Whitie. Sabi sa akin ni Whitie, "Pahirapan ang exam para ang mga estudyanteng nakikinig sa kani-kanilang Blackie ay malantad at maparusahan, aWoOooOo!". Ang sabi ko naman,


    We have instructed you adequately, and have provided you with sufficient materials to polish your understanding. Kung bumagsak kayo sa exam, alam nyo na kung kanino kayo nagsabi ng YES. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, buti nga!

Should you decide to listen to Whitie, I have some tips for you.

    I urge you to study every detail of the solutions to the problems presented in class and in the problem sets. And when you do, study actively. Grab a pen. Grab a notebook. Grab a calculator. Find a clean and quiet place. Shun the noisy friend who indulges in wantonness. Consider the beauty of the universe, of nature, of creation, and apply your mind to a quest for a deep revelation of this beauty made available to us through the men and women of insight in whom divine knowledge was made manifest by Him who created. Grab tissue paper, your nose is bleeding.

    Decide to change your fate. Determine to break your record. You have great potential dwelling within you. Do not listen to the lies you hear about yourself. Destroy, obliterate, pound upon without mercy all thoughts that demean your capacity to be great. Listen to the voice of the Ageless. You were fearfully and wonderfully made! You are far more beautiful, exceedingly more precious in His eyes than you could ever imagine. Meanwhile, eschew all things that defile your soul and your body because many are those who seek you ill rather than good, offering unbridled freedom and shameless joy. Agree not with the slothful. Listen not to those who murmur and complain. Aspire to be seated among the best and the brightest!

    Pay the price for excellence! Sit down and study. Avoid vain babblings. Solve. Feel every stroke of the pen as it slides on paper; feel the steady, solid push on each calculator button as you hit the digits in. Endure on this task and enjoy the process of learning. Diamonds form only under great heat and pressure; fine wine comes from fruits bled dry of their juices.

    Finally, at the end of the day, find a solitary place where you can rest. Reward yourself for the great task accomplished. Lie down on green grass in an open field. Look to the heavens. Allow your gaze to wander to the edge of the universe. You are free. You are excellent! You are beautiful!

Working fervently for the Filipino people,

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Master Erwin