DES welcomes two new faculty members

Gracing the ENSC classrooms are two new assistant professors, Jimyl M. Arabit and Clare M. Garing.

Ma’am Jimyl obtained her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 2012, and subsequently, her master’s degree in chemical engineering in 2015, both from UP Diliman. After she finished her master’s degree, she volunteered in Campus Crusade for Christ in UPD, where she found it pleasurable meeting students and new faces every day. During that time, she realized her passion for teaching, such that when she knew of an opening in the Department, she immediately applied for the faculty position. 2 from UP Diliman, and subseqciencere M. GaringNow, she handles ENSC 10a and ENSC 11 classes. “I have been enjoying the first few weeks of classes. Each day is a new experience. Those which I then have never thought of doing before keeps me excited every day. It’s a joy engaging with students, helping and seeing them learn,” she shares.

Ma’am Clare, on the other hand, is a BS Chemical Engineering graduate of UPLB. She finished her bachelor’s degree in four and a half years. Then, she studied MS Chemical Engineering in UPD, obtaining her degree last year. When asked about her reason for entering the academe, she cites teaching as her way of serving the people around her. Furthermore, she mentions that the idea of teaching engineering students makes her smile. Handling ENSC 10a, ENSC 13, and ENSC 26, she found the first few weeks of teaching to be really challenging. However, it is her passion for teaching that keeps her going. For her, every well-delivered lecture or laboratory class makes professional life in the university extremely satisfying.


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Asst. Prof. Jimyl M. Arabit (left) and Asst. Prof. Clare M. Garing (right)